Referral Relationship

General Dentists rely on Specialists to assist them in managing the needs and problems of their patients. Specialists rely on General Dentists to provide referrals that are appropriate to their expertise. Patients in turn rely on the General Dentist and the Specialist to cooperatively assist them with dental problems. When this relationship is harmonized all three parties benefit.

The General Dentist is relieved of the stress of managing treatments that may be beyond the scope of general practice. The Specialist benefits by being able to be utilized according to his or her extended training and experience.

Most importantly the patient benefits by having a collaborative diagnosis and treatment execution with a minimization of adverse outcomes.

I like to establish a very personal and approachable relationship with referring dentists where the patient, their dentist and I are all involved in the planning, provision and maintenance of treatment.

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I strive to

  • Be accessible and approachable
  • Allow for informal discussions when needed – via phone, e-mail or in person
  • Be available for advice and tips to help in general practice

When should a patient be referred?

  • Clinical situations that you do not feel comfortable treating yourself
  • Undiagnosed, unstable dentitions – continued breakages, crown de-bonding/fractures, non- periodontal related tooth mobility, excessive tooth wear.

Referral services available

  • Referral diagnosis, opinions, treatment plans and reports
  • Full mouth rehabilitation cases
  • Tooth wear
  • Failing/ Unstable dentitions
  • Aesthetics – smile design
  • TMD – stabilisation splint therapy
  • Implant restorations
  • Restorative and implant advice and mentoring

Mentoring for Study Clubs

I also like to host hands-on study sessions for referring dentists where I can demonstrate simple, useful techniques which I have found helpful in everyday practice.

These study clubs also help re-enforce the relationship between myself and my colleagues and provides us all with an opportunity to discuss any topics of interest.


I lecture on various restorative topics ranging from aesthetics to occlusion, in conjunction with Dentsply and Heraeus, and aim to provide as many “hands-on”, practical components as possible.

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