Bite Splints

Bite Splints (Occlusal appliances, splints, night guards) are used for the treatment of acute (painful) or chronic (long term non painful) conditions where patients are clenching or grinding their teeth. Other names for these problems are TMJD, TMD, parafunction or bruxism. This activity puts pressure on the teeth, jaw joints and muscles. Splints also protect your teeth, crowns, veneers or implants from the potentially damaging forces produced when the teeth are clenched together.

Patients often present with worn teeth, headaches and sore jaws. They may have difficulty opening or closing and have often experienced fractured teeth or restorations.

Many people clench or grind their teeth during the day or more commonly at night. Some patients are unaware of the habit and may not experience symptoms of pain but show signs including worn and broken teeth/restorations.

These types of problems can be treated by using precision made bite splints.

I have no doubt in recommending The Guild Practice to anyone who is thinking of having dental implants, filling and cosmetic treatment.

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